Monday, October 12, 2015

The Madness 2015 - Darkness: Week One Recap

This year, I'm participating in a horror movie-watching competition called Halloween Horror Movie Madness (aka The Madness). I did it last year as well, so you may have seen those posts before... There are a bunch of rules and a point system, yada, yada, yada... But, I'm not going to explain that here. If you are really curious, just do a little bit of creative searching on Facebook, and you can probably find our group...

Anyhow, it's a lot of fun, and this post is used to "submit" my points for the week (the competition runs until Halloween, with submissions every Sunday)... So, maybe you'll find it interesting; maybe you won't.

This year's theme is "Descent Into Darkness," so expect lots of underground-set films, movies with vampires, etc

All of the below were watched over the past week... Scores (out of 5) for each title are included, along with points.


No Television Shows Watched This Week

Assorted Movies

Legend - Theatrical Cut (4/5)
The mascot film for this year's Madness. I grew up watching this on HBO whenever it was on, and I still think it's a great movie. (89 min)
Points: 2 (Base) + ATB (Darkness Personified) = 6 points
Deathgasm (3.5/5)
I thought the name sounded stupid and gimmicky, but this is surprisingly fun. Lots of gory deaths (including one with sex toys), and demons possessing people. Go rent it on VOD. (86 min)
Points: 2 (Base) + 1 (Supernatural Blood Moon - Ok'd by The Head Hauntress) +1 (Main Demon Only can be summoned at night) + 1 (Demons are BLIND) = 5 points

Hotel Transylvania 2 (3.5/5)
Took my son to see it. He loved it; I thought it was pretty good. As far as kids' movies go, you do a LOT worse, and the bad guys are surprisingly nasty at times. (89 min)
Points: 2 (Base) + 1 (Bat flies out at someone) + 1 (One character lives in a cave) + 1 (hidden passageways in castle)) =  5 points
Turbo Kid (4/5)
Super fun 80's throwback post-apocalyptic sci-fi with a lot of gore plus Michael Ironside with an eyepatch. (95 min)
Points: 2 (Base)  = 2 points
Hell & Back (1.5/5)
This movie is pretty terrible... Lots of funny people being unfunny. At least it was an ATB? (86 min)
Points: 2 (Base) + ATB (Devil is in the movie and is referred to as Prince/Lord of Darkness) = 6 points
The Lair Of The White Worm (3.5/5)
Sexy Snake Women seducing Boy Scouts, Hugh Grant with a giant sword, Nuns getting raped. Ken Russell is cray-cray. (93 min)
Points: 2 (Base) + ATB (Finale in cave AND the snake demon is referred to as "Darkness" incarnate) = 6 points
Last Shift (3/5)
Kind of like ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 mixed with PRINCE OF DARKNESS... Rookie cop trapped in "haunted" police station that is being closed down. Not bad; not great. (90 min)
Points: 2 (Base) + 1 (Power Outage) = 3 points
The Lost Boys (5/5)
I love this movie. Any excuse to re-watch it always welcome. (97 min)
Points: 2 (Base) + 1 (Vampires only attack in darkness/night) + 1 (Cave) =  4 points
Cooties (3/5)
Points: 2 (Base) + 1 (Power Outage) = 3 points
Scanners (3/5)
The exploding head is still the best part. Aside from that, most of the first two acts are boring. But the last act is kind of batshit crazy and has melting Michael Ironside, so that kind of saves it. (103 min)
Points: 2 (Base) = 2 points
The Martian (4.5/5)
Hurray for straight Sci-Fi being allowed this year! I kind of love this movie. It was 2.5 hours, but felt like a 90-min film. Amazing effects work and world building, and I really like that it uses hard science and doesn't pander to the audience. Highly recommended (and a nice break from the rest of the horror stuff). (144 min)
Points: 2 (Base) + .5 (2.5 hour running time) = 2.5 points
The Vatican Tapes (1.5/5)
Yo, this movie is really not good. The last 20 minutes or so are okay, but rest is boring... (91 min)
Points: 2 (Base) = 2 points
We Are Still Here (4/5)
Straight up, old school, spooky ass horror. Really good stuff. HIGHLY recommended. (84 min)
Points: 2 (Base) + 1 (Someone dragged into basement that is an underground dirt basement) + 1 (monsters in basement) = 4 points

Total Points For Week One

50.5 points

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