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Halloween Horror Movie Madness 2014 - Attack Of The Automatons: Week Three Recap

We are now into Week Three of Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Madness 2014 (for more on what it is, see my recap of Week 1). This week was a lot lighter, as I was in Canada for the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, which I am covering for The Liberal Dead, so I was tied up in theaters and at social events. Plus, nothing this week really carried any bonus points... I did also see JOHN WICK, which was fucking phenomenal (go see it ASAP), but it doesn't count as horror or anything and wasn't part of the fest, so I didn't include it here.

All of the below were watched over the past week... Scores (out of 5) for each title are included, along with points.


The Walking Dead - Season 5 - Episode 1 (5/5)
Holy shit, this season starts off with a huge bang. Lots of violence, gore, and craziness. Can't wait to see what else they do!
Points: 1 (Base) = 1 points

The Walking Dead - Season 5 - Episode 2 (4/5)
Does a great job of keeping things moving; even if it isn't as crazy as the first episode of the season. Pretty fucked up ending, too...
Points: 1 (Base) = 1 points

Assorted Movies

The Town That Dreaded Sundown [1976] (3/5)
The "classic" film from 1976. Definitely a prototype for the slasher film, but the vibe is super weird and a bit confusing. The true life story it's based on is much more fascinating, and the film of the same name from this year is much better.
Points: 2 (Base) = 2 points

Ouija (1.5/5)
Holy hell is this bad. It's what happens when Michael Bay produces a movie based on a board game; only it's not as fun as BATTLESHIP. Boring, with horrid dialog, and an obvious twist. at least it's only 80 minutes-ish.
Points: 2 (Base) = 2 points

Scream 4 (3/5)
I'm sure you know what this is about... It's not as bad as the third film, but the first two are far superior.
Points: 2 (Base) = 2 points

Toronto After Dark 2014

The Drownsman (2.5/5)
Kind of like NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET with water. And nowhere near as good.
Points: 2 (Base) = 2 points

Wolves (2/5)
Imagine TWILIGHT, if there weren't any vampires and all of the werewolves were twice the age. Lots of shirtless dudes with wolf teeth jumping at each other. Not very good.
Points: 2 (Base)  = 2 points

Late Phases (3.5/5)
It's like SILVER BULLET meets THE HOWLING; except instead of Corey Haim in a wheelchair and a camp, we get the dude from STAKE LAND as a blind guy who moves into a retirement community that is being stalked by a werewolf. It's got some issues, but it's fun. Certainly the best werewolf film in a while.
Points: 2 (Base) =  2 points

Open Windows (4/5)
Very cool movie that takes place in real-time and plays out almost completely on a computer desktop. A bit mind-bendy at times, and eben though the "twist" is a bit hokey, it's still an impressive feat. Never boring, full of tension... Oh, and Sasha Grey is in this. Yeah, THAT Sasha Grey. And, yes, there are boobs.
Points: 2 (Base) = 2 points

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter (3.5/5)
It's not really a horror movie, but I believe that all of the films from Toronto After Dark are allowed; the same as all of the films from TIFF's Midnight Madness lineup counted. This one is about a Japanese office worker who finds a VHS tape of FARGO and thinks that it's real, so she comes to the US, looking for the treasure that Steve Buscemi buried. Supposedly, it's based on an actual event. It's good, but it felt very out of place at the festival.
Points: 2 (Base) = 2 points

Time Lapse (3.5/5)
Super cool sci-fi/horror flick about a group of people who discover that their neighbor built a camera that can take pictures of what happens 24 hours in the future. Of course, they abuse it and bad shit happens to them.
Points: 2 (Base) = 2 points

Refuge (2/5)
Some weird bacterial outbreak wipes out a good chunk of humanity and the survivors are left to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, people are assholes and run around killing each other; because plague isn't bad enough. It's not terrible, but it's pretty slow, and it doesn't do anything very interesting.
Points: 2 (Base) = 2 points

Wyrmwood (3.5/5)
Fun post-apocalyptic zombie movie from Down Under. Lots of really cool ideas, great action pieces, and neat visuals/camera work. Definitely one to watch for.
Points: 2 (Base) = 2 points

The Town That Dreaded Sundown [2014] (4/5)
I'll be honest, I like this sequel/remake/whatever better than I like the original. It's meta as hell, and basically all sorts of messed up; as you would expect from the same people who are behind AMERICAN HORROR STORY. One of the better horror films of the year.
Points: 2 (Base) = 2 points

Why Horror? (3.5/5)
Neat documentary on why people love the horror genre. Good stuff. 
Points: 2 (Base) = 2 points

Total Points For Week Three

28 points

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