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Anchor Bay's SCORNED (2014) Blu-ray: Torture-Porn for the Lifetime Network Crowd?

 ScornedScorned (2014)

At times, SCORNED feels more like a made-for-television movie that would air on the Lifetime Network than it does an outright feature film. Traumatized woman? Check. Cheating boyfriend? Check. Audacious revenge story? Check. Disjointed flashbacks that eventually tie together? Check

Now, while those points don't necessarily equate to a bad movie, they also don't signal anything too original, either. We've seen movies like SCORNED many times; and done much better, at that.

The synopsis from Anchor Bay is as follows:
Sadie (AnnaLynne McCord; ‘Excision’) and Kevin (Billy Zane; ‘Titanic’) have decided to spend a romantic weekend together at his lake house. But when an unexpected – and unfortunate – text from her best friend Jennifer (Viva Bianca; “Spartacus: War of the Damned”) to Kevin reveals a lurid love affair between the two, Sadie spirals into a hunger for revenge that is without mercy.
The best thing about SCORNED is easily AnnaLynne McCord, and her presence in the film works very much in its favor. She showed us in EXCISION that she could capture the essence of teenage angst, and here she does a wonderful job at portraying a disturbed psychopath. However, one performance rarely makes a movie.

While the other performances in the film aren't bad, they certainly aren't anything very noteworthy, either. Billy Zane is clearly here to just collect a paycheck. All of the charm that he used to bring to his roles is missing here, and he's mostly just emoting boredly. Viva Bianca does a passable job, but she doesn't get very much to work with, and maybe that's the ultimate issue with SCORNED.

By that last statement, I don't mean that Bianca is the issue. I'm simply positing that the film's ultimate flaw probably comes down to the script. Co-written by Director Mark Jones (who also gave us the original LEPRECHAUN film) and Sadie Katz (who also makes a brief appearance at the end of the film), the script just feels padded; even with a lean 86-minute running time. The written dialog also borders on goofy (the text messages that open the film - including the brilliant "UR PUSSY IS MAGIC" - are a fine example of this), and rather than presenting a multi-layered story, as it attempts, we simply get a straightforward narrative that's been jumbled up without any real purpose.

At the end of the day, SCORNED is really a bad movie, its just a dull movie, and overall, it's pretty forgettable. Once it hits Netflix, it would make for some decent rainy day viewing. However, there are plenty of other films out there that are more deserving of your time.

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The Blu-ray

Anchor Bay brings SCORNED to Blu-ray in a standard single-disc release. There are no extras to speak of.

Video Quality

SCORNED was shot digitally, and that is very apparent in the Blu-ray transfer. As mentioned in the review of the film, it often looks like a made-for-television film, and the video presentation is very much part of the reason for that. Still, what you see here is pretty much exactly what the filmmakers intended, and there are no real transfer issues to speak of here.

Audio Quality

The audio track on the disc is your standard 5.1 lossless fare. Given that SCORNED is not an action-heavy film, its not surprising that the audio track isn't all that lively. However, there are some neat surround touches (especially with some of the outdoor scenes involving weather), and clarity is generally good. The biggest moments in the track are those that feature pop songs and some of the dramatic score swells. There's nothing wrong with the presentation here, and it works fine with the source material.

Extra Features

SCORNED comes to Blu-ray with absolutely no additional content. Not even a trailer for the film (included below).

Final Thoughts

Anchor Bay presents SCORNED on Blu-ray in a faithful manner. The only issues, presentation-wise, are not a result of incorrect transfer of the film; they are simply limitations of the source material itself. There are no special features, but I doubt that many would be too interested to learn more about the film.

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