Saturday, November 30, 2013

Silent Night Deadly Night Retrospective: Episode 01 - Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)

This podcast contains major plot spoilers for the film... Watch before you listen!


Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)

"You've Made It Through Halloween; Now Try And Survive Christmas!"


Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Dead Air Horror & Genre Podcast's Silent Night Deadly Night Retrospective Podcast Series; brought to you by GenreWatch, The Liberal Dead, and Doc Terror! In this episode, Jeff (@Jeff_FOTD) is joined by co-hosts James (@DrJimmyTerror) and Shawn (@TheLiberalDead) to tackle 1984's Silent Night Deadly Night; the one that started it all and made the PTA collectively lose their shit.
Is the film's notoriety well-deserved, or is it just a case of clever marketing and overreaction? How many different double entendres can James make about Linnea Quigley's boobs? Why does the film's score make Shawn want to choke someone out? Is the film really a "slasher"? Just how creepy is that song "Warm Side Of The Door"? Most importantly, what do the guys think about the film overall?
Find the answers to these questions here - along with talk of the film's production history, themes and plot points, reception, and its place in the franchise. As always, the guys give you a straight shot on whether or not it's worth your time and/or money.

Come for the discussion, but stick around for the ugly sweaters, bad music, and nun-beatings.

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